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Mission Statement

To provide an incomparable camp environment and experience for kids through a commitment to excellence in all that we do, while seeking to establish and deepen relationships with Jesus Christ.

"To provide an incomparable camp environment and experience for kids..." We want to be the best! It's just that simple. We refuse to settle for ordinary. Now, we know very well that it is easy to say we want to be the best and much harder to accomplish and to live out every day, but our never ending goal for each and every child and family is to provide an experience that is, well, INCOMPARABLE!
"...through a commitment to excellence in all that we do..." The way you become the best is not complex to understand, just difficult to carry out. In order to be the best at anything, a total dedication to excellence in every area of the endeavor is required. Excellence is a mind set, not a philosophy. It is a day to day commitment, not a onetime destination. It is attention to detail in all areas of our program. Perfection (at least in this life) is never attainable and we are not perfect. Excellence, however, is obtainable. We will let you judge for yourself whether or not we have, indeed, obtained it.
"...while seeking to establish and deepen relationships with Jesus Christ." There is one, and only one, bond that binds our Camp Ozark family, that keeps our Permanent Staff intact and passionate year after year after year, that fuels our fire on the long, sleepless nights that accompany our pursuit of excellence. We fully and firmly believe that a life lived in relationship with Jesus Christ is "the answer." We don't preach our relationship as much as we show it. We don't talk our relationship as much as we try to live it (but make no bones about it, we tell the kids why we're so excited about our life and theirs). We are driven because we want kids to know there is a richer, fuller, better way than what they see regularly at school, in public, and in the media. That's why we do what we do.

Ozark History

  June 10, 1949

The Beginning

Originally called "Ozark Boys Camp," Carey Selph and partner John Froehlich opened Camp Ozark's gates for the first time in 1949 to 27 boys, mostly from Houston.


The Ankenman Years

Retired professional baseball player Pat Ankenman and his family dedicated three decades to laying the foundation of Camp Ozark. Many changes occurred during his ownership, but perhaps the biggest was opening the camp to girls as well in 1977.


Sam & Susan Torn

After 11 years attending and working at the camp, Sam has led Ozark in becoming the premier residential summer camp in the United States. Since 1985, it has grown from 18 cabins to 94 and from serving 375 campers to over 5,000 each summer, and has truly become Incomparable Camp Ozark.