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Your Summer 2016 Camp Ozark

The Summer Job You've Been Waiting For

Looking to make an impact in 2016 or just go through the motions at another meaningless summer job? It takes someone truly special to serve as a member of the Camp Ozark Summer Staff. Boundless enthusiasm, a real love for God and for children, and a true servant's heart are all necessary to be successful as a staff member at Camp Ozark.

Our Incomparable Summer Staff is at the heart of the Camp Ozark experience. Each and every summer, Camp Ozark employs over 700 of the finest college-aged young people in America as members of our summer staff. Camp Ozark recruits summer staff from over 50 different schools and universities.



Spiritual Growth

There are many different ways to do ministry.

At Camp Ozark, the primary way we do ministry, the primary way we convey the Christian message, is by loving kids the way Jesus loves kids. At Camp Ozark, the primary way we do so is NOT through official spiritual programming. It's NOT through talking about God all day long. It's through loving like God all day long. Camp Ozark is a place for kids to EXPERIENCE Jesus' love, not to just hear about Jesus' love. Do we have worship services? Every day. Do we have Devotionals? Every day.

Do we love kids the way Jesus loves kids? Every minute of every day. And that's the difference. That's the primary way we do ministry at Camp Ozark. That's the primary way kids EXPERIENCE ministry at Camp Ozark.

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Lifelong Friends

You are going to make some great friends. We know you have great friends already wherever you go to school or wherever you are. But there is something special about the friends you'll make at Camp Ozark.

You are thrown together with OVER 600 other college students from all around the country at this little out-of-the-way place in central Arkansas. We create a common bond from a common goal and share a common experience. And out of that common experience some very close relationships are going to develop. You may find yourself road tripping from Austin, Texas to Auburn, Alabama. Or from Nashville, Tennessee to Boulder, Colorado just to hang out with your Camp Ozark friends.



Why be normal?

The world tells us to give up in situations where the circumstances change. When something is too hard or not "your cup of tea", try something else. At Camp Ozark we believe in a different approach, we believe in excellence.

We absolutely stand behind one of our 3 flames of tribal competition: Maximum Effort. We believe you should give everything you have to everything you do, especially when it is hard. As a Camp Ozark staff member you will be challenged to give everything you have to everything you do. You will be challenged to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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For Life

You will have a reference for life if you do a good job at Camp Ozark.

If you come to Camp Ozark and you give us your best shot, we will guarantee you that in any endeavor that you pursue, we will be a positive reference on your behalf. Grad school, jobs, whatever it is, we will do our best to aid you in that process by giving you a great reference for the rest of your life.



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