F.I.T. is the overriding theme of Camp Ozark's spiritual emphasis.

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First Is Third Camp Ozark

God first

F.I.T. (First Is Third) is the overriding theme of Camp Ozark's spiritual emphasis. Our belief is that in order to "win" in our lives, we must place God first, others second, and ourselves third. By placing ourselves third, by being "F.I.T.", we actually come in first in the "game of life."

Camp Ozark is a Christian Camp. We were founded on Christian principles and have been owned and operated since 1949 by Christian families. We endeavor to provide a wholesome, upbeat Christian atmosphere for all of our campers.

Counselors and staff lead by personal examples of quality lives, as we know how much louder actions speak than words. Love for God through Christ, love for each other, respect, integrity, friendliness, and cheerfulness are qualities of Christian living we hope to convey to each camper.

What We Teach

The theme of Camp Ozark's spiritual emphasis is based on the teachings in 1 John 2:3-6 and Matthew 22:36-40. In challenging our campers to apply these teachings, we encourage them to demonstrate important qualities of Christian living such as loving actions toward others, integrity, and love for God.

How We Teach It

Since we recognize that our actions speak louder than our words ever will, counselors and staff prioritize leading by personal example. Additionally, as a formal component of our message, we also host three age-specific worship services. After supper, and before concluding each fun-filled Ozark day with one of our incomparable Special Events, campers gather for a time of singing, sharing, and reflecting. As we recognize we have campers of various ages and from different backgrounds, we strive to make sure our worship services are fun, energetic, upbeat and meaningful for all of our campers. We have LIFELINE for Elementary School campers, PRIMETIME for Middle School and Jr. High campers, and OZONE for High School campers. Each of these services is tailored specifically to its corresponding age group by using a variety of ways to both entertain and minister.


Our youngest campers enjoy Lifeline. Lifeline messages are presented through a series of energetic songs and skits geared towards younger campers. The primary Lifeline messages are presented as a continuous play throughout the session known as "OZARK TALES," which feature a recurring cast of fun and memorable characters.


Primetime has a fast-paced format with lots of humor and energy. The Primetime messages are presented each service through short skits, videos, music, and dynamic speakers.


Ozone is designed as a more laid-back and casual environment in which campers can learn and reflect. The Ozone messages challenge our High School campers to live out their faith in the real world.