Instructor Specialist Camp Ozark

Each summer, Camp Ozark hires Instructor Specialists in a number of different program-related areas.  Members of the Instructor Specialist team have the unique opportunity to teach and coach in a very specific area of the Camp Ozark program.  All while building relationships and assisting the overall program in a number of ways.

The responsibility of the Instructor Specialists is to help ensure the safe, efficient and exciting operation of all aspects of their specific Camp Ozark program.  Daily Instructor Specialist duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation for Morning Activities in their assigned specialty
  • Teaching and Coaching Morning Activities
  • Teaching and Coaching private and specific interest Clinics related to their area
  • Maintaining equipment and facilities related to their specialty
  • Assisting with the Camp Ozark general program when not directly involved in their specific area.
  • …and more!

All members of the Instructor Specialist team can expect to learn valuable lessons, and gain practical coaching and teaching experience.  All Instructor Specialists work under the direction of full-time Camp Ozark staff and play a crucial role in the experience, ministry and outreach of Camp Ozark.  Certifications and/or advanced experience may be required depending on the area.

Finally, all members of the Instructor Specialist team get to work in a fun, kid-oriented Christian environment alongside other talented and passionate college students.  The hours are long and the work is challenging, but the job is very rewarding.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Instructor Specialist position(s), please email us at [email protected]