One word you’ll hear a lot during training at Camp Ozark is experience. To us, the Camp Ozark experience is very important, and though the children are our number one priority – your experience as a member of the Summer Staff is extremely important to us. During your time here, there are a number of things that will make your experience better than anything out there and we are confident in that.


HAVE A BLAST THIS SUMMER working with kids in an incomparable enviroment. Obviously, Camp Ozark is a ton of fun for kids, but Camp Ozark is also loads of fun for our staff. We have fun all day long, from the minute we wake up until lights out. We have water slides, ski boats, ziplines and over 150 activities for campers and staff to use to have the summer of their life! As a staff member, you will have the opportunity to not only participate in, but also operate some of these activities. There is no shortage of awesome things to do here either, but we believe what truly makes camp fun for our staff are the unbelieveable relationships they develop over the course of each session with campers. Our staff have the most fun and are most fulfulled by the relationships created by doing these amazing activities with kids in an upbeat, Christian environment alongside other staff members. As a Ozark staff member, you will meet amazing people and create incredible relationships.


WE LOVE KIDS and believe that every child has been extended an opportunity for a relationship with Jesus Christ. Every summer, our staff has the chance to actively share the Gospel with and disciple children of all ages. At Ozark, the primary way we convey the message of Christ is by loving kids for who they are all day long, just as Christ loves us.

We believe the greatest growth comes from our staff members committing themselves to the selfless love of their campers and developing an understanding of practical servanthood. We also provide several opportunities for our staff to pursue growth in their faith and in their ability to minister effectively to others, which include:

Each year, many of our staff members experience life-changing growth as they spend every day leading, serving, teaching and impatcting the lives of children.


You will make some great friends in life, but there is something special about the friends you make at Camp Ozark. You are surrounded by over 750 other college students who share a common bond, common mission and a common experience. Our staff is made up of amazing individuals from all over the United States and the rest of the world. As a result of their shared experience, our staff members create sincere friendships that are rooted in Christ and last a lifetime.

You may find yourself road tripping from Austin to Auburn, from Nashville to Boulder or maybe even head overseas to Europe … JUST to hangout with your Ozark friends.


Year after year, thousands of families continue to send their children to Camp Ozark to see their lives impacted by the incomparable experience we provide. Camp Ozark’s standard of excellence sets us apart from other summer jobs or camps because, at Camp Ozark, we believe we have been called to live life to the fullest and give everything we have to everything we do. As a result, you will become a better leader. You will grow spirtually, emotionally and professionally as you practice our standard of excellence in your work this summer.

Our families experience a difference at Camp Ozark because we are set apart in our commitment to excellence.



You may think working at a summer camp may not measure up to experience gained at a more traditional internship, but as a Camp Ozark staff member, you will acquire and refine valuable skills that will help you prepare for any future career.

This summer, you will develop more interpersonal and leadership skills working at Ozark than sitting in a cubicle somewhere. Here you will be trusted with meaningful, big responsibilities on a daily basis. You will learn responsibility, strengthen your work ethic, develop a sense of ownership, cultivate many other practical life skills and have a total blast along the way.


If you work at Camp Ozark this summer, and complete your commitment, you will have a reference for life. Since 1949, Camp Ozark has impacted the lives of thousands of campers, families and staff members who live all over the world and work in countless industries and fields. All of these people are part of the Ozark family and you will be too. No matter where you go, we will have your back. Being part of this family means something and has the potential to provide incredible opportunities for any future pursuit.

Anyone who has spent time here knows our standard of excellence and our commitment to that standard in everything we do. We appreciate the hard work of our staff and are excited to aid them in any career path they explore. Having Camp Ozark on your resume may help you get there.

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