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Hot Wheels Track Building

Use your own creativity to build enormous Hot Wheels tracks as you race the coolest Hot Wheels cars around your creations.

Mad Scientist

Experiment with crystals, magnetism, unbreakable bubbles and more!

Skateboard Design

Completely customize your own skateboard deck! Paint your deck with any design you can imagine, then varnish and add grip tape to get it ready for use. Trucks and wheels […]

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

Learn how to turn normal handwriting into works of art in the form of calligraphy! It’s a unique and fun skill that few people have!


Learn woodworking techniques to create a personalized project!


Learn basic woodburning strokes and techniques to draw designs on wood. Be as creative as you’d like!

Wax Painting

Who said you have to stick to just paint? Not at Camp Ozark!

Water Gun Picasso

Shoot paint on a canvas to create a truly unique and fun piece of art!

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