You Decide

Can’t decide what you want to do with your morning activity? You Decide is the class for you!


Part sport, part mind game, and a great challenge in confidence building.

Tandem / V-Swing

The Tandem course and V-Swing is a partner based experience for the advanced adventure seeker.

Mountain Biking Adv.

Ride some of the more challenging trails at Camp Ozark that will push your endurance.

Outdoor Grilling

Learn how to grill delicious food over an open flame on a pioneer-style grill.

Outdoor Survivor

Explore and learn the secrets of the wildlife, tree, and plant life that inhabit the Ouachita Mountains.

Pamper Pole

Take a wild ride through the trees on our Super Swing and take on the ultimate high adventure challenge by setting your sites on one of our incredible Pamper Poles!

Hunter Safety

Learn the ins and outs of all things hunting and earn an Arkansas Game & Fish Hunter Safety License.