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Backyard Games

Play different games each day such as wiffle ball, cornhole, horseshoes, beach volleyball, and more!

Hot Wheels Track Building

Use your own creativity to build enormous Hot Wheels tracks as you race the coolest Hot Wheels cars around your creations.

Spin Class

Combining cardio and endurance training, enjoy this high-intensity exercise class on a stationary bike

Studio Yoga

Learn to balance, pose, and stretch in our traditional yoga class

Pickleball Challenge

The fastest growing sport in America has made it’s way to Camp Ozark! This fun sport combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.

Tourney Showdown

Square off against your friends in a different tournament each day.


Combining the smooth flow of surfing with the thrill of wakeboarding, wakesurfing is an experience like no other! Try out this activity during your cabin lake day!

Water Weenie

The Water Weenie is one of the most fun parts of any Ozark lake day! The Water Weenie is also available if you choose to go to the lake in […]

You Decide

Can’t decide what you want to do with your morning activity? You Decide is the class for you!

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