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Camp Ozark hosts individuals who wish to come to America and experience America culture and travel opportunities through temporary summer camp work. In order to come to America and work at Camp Ozark, you must have a U.S. government Visa. There are two main types of J-1 Visa programs available:

  • Camp Counselor program
  • Summer Work and Travel program

Each program has its own requirements. In order to participate in one of these programs and obtain a J-1 Visa, you partner with a Placement Agency for assistance.

The application process for our international participants consists of two main steps:

  • Interview with Camp Ozark and complete a Camp Ozark application. You may request an interview by emailing us at
  • Partner with a Placement Agency. This agency will assist you with the Visa process, medical insurance, and other important matters. If you have not yet partnered with a Placement Agency, we can direct you to one of our trusted partners. Keep in mind that Placement Agencies charge a fee for participants.

IMPORTANT: You may arrange an interview with Camp Ozark either before or after you have partnered with a Placement Agency. You do not have to be partnered with a Placement Agency in order to request an interview.

Yes, of course! There are many factors that determine the amount you are paid, including your specific Placement Agency, arrival date and departure date. A good way to get a general idea of how much you will be paid is to check with your Placement Agency.

Please note that due to a variety of other costs associated with hosting international participants, Camp Ozark international participants are on a different pay scale than our domestic staff.

Your pay will be deposited on a debit card provided to you by Camp Ozark. More information about using your debit card will be provided.

In addition to the 800 domestic staff we hire, Camp Ozark hires up to 140 International participants from several different countries. We have had participants from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We look forward to continuing to expand our countries! Find out more about our countries here!

Each program has different work positions available.

Camp Counselor Program: Program Counselor & Instructor Specialists

          Find out more about our camp counselor program positions here!

Summer Work and Travel Program: Kitchen Staff, Cook, Cleaning Crew, Work Crew, & C.O.R.E. Team

          Find out more about our summer work and travel program positions here!

International participants typically work between 10-12 weeks during the summer, although longer periods of employment are available. Our camp season (including Staff Orientation) begins in mid- to late-May and lasts until early August. There is some flexibility regarding arrival and departure dates, depending on the specific Visa program.

We also offer earlier arrival dates for those who can travel in early May.

Camp Ozark is located in Mount Ida, Arkansas, in a “rural” or country location. The nearest cities are Hot Springs (45 minutes away) and Little Rock (1.5 hours away). There is a nearby small town, Mt. Ida (10 minutes away). Our ideal setting provides easy access to the Ouachita River, the Ouachita National Forest, and Lake Ouachita. Click here to learn more about our setting.

We provide free transportation from Little Rock (the capital city of Arkansas) to Camp Ozark. You may fly into the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport or fly into a different city and then travel by bus or other method to Little Rock.

Distance from Camp Ozark

  • San Francisco: 3056 km
  • Los Angeles: 2575 km
  • Las Vegas: 2226 km
  • New York City: 2128 km
  • Miami: 2042 km
  • Grand Canyon: 1935 km
  • Chicago: 1192 km
  • New Orleans: 827 km
  • Nashville: 705 km
  • Houston: 657 km
  • Dallas: 472 km
  • Memphis: 370 km

Yes! Various forms of time off are provided. Time off is different depending on the work position, but in general:

  • Each participant receives approximately two days off during each 2-week camp session.
  • Time off during the day. The frequency and duration of this time off depends on your specific work position and Visa program.
  • Time off at night. Again, the frequency and duration of this time off depends on your specific work position and Visa program.

All staff and international participants stay at the camp property except during a day off or time off between sessions.

Yes! When you have a day off or time off between sessions, we provide transportation options for you.

Work requirements for an F-1 Visa are rather rigorous. You would need to speak with your Visa sponsor to determine if Camp Ozark would be an eligible place of employment.

All meals are provided throughout the summer. We serve three meals a day and provide a variety of options, including a breakfast bar and salad bar. If you have special dietary requirements, we are happy to discuss these with you.

Summers in Arkansas can be hot, reaching up to 38 C/100 F during the months of July/August. It can also be quite humid. Evenings are cool, and rainstorms are more common during May and June.

Housing is provided for all staff and international participants. Depending on your work position, you may live in the Staff House with other staff or in a cabin with campers.

As an electronics-free camp, camper and staff cell phones, laptops, iPods and other electronic devices are kept in a secure, central location. Though you have access to your devices when necessary, you do not keep your devices with you or in your living area.

Not at all. We know that staying in touch is important, so we provide access to computers each day and make cell phones available for emergencies or other important needs. In addition, your phones and other electronic devices are provided to you when you have time off away from camp, such as a day off.

In order to maintain a safe camp environment and act as positive role models for children, the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is not allowed at any time during your employment with Camp Ozark.

We have a lot of fun at Camp Ozark, but we are still a professional company! Therefore, our staff is required to adhere to certain clothing and appearance policies:

  • No inappropriate or revealing clothing
  • Male staff must be clean shaven and have a professional looking haircut
  • Tattoos are allowed, but tattoos that feature content inconsistent with Camp Ozark’s values may need to be covered
  • No nose rings – we will provide clear studs if needed. Ear piercings are allowed for female staff


Reach out to one of our International Staff Recruiters!


International Staff Coordinator

+1 (832) 405-1540


International Staff Coordinator

+1 (205) 541-9548


International Staff Recruiter

+1 (346) 955-1887


International Staff Recruiter

+1 (740) 361-0837


We are excited to tell you more about Camp Ozark. Please fill out the information below and our staff will reach out to you to schedule an interview.​

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