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Each fall Camp Ozark undertakes a monumental task – to seek out, recruit, interview, and hire almost 750 college-aged young people to serve on the Camp Ozark summer staff. It is a huge endeavor, but worth every effort. It’s simple, really. Though it’s true we have a world-class camping facility, a non-stop, widely-varied program featuring activities of all kinds, and a genuine and relevant Christian spirit, we know nothing affects a camper’s experience as deeply as the impact and influence of their cabin counselor and other summer staff.


Parents often ask how we seek out and ultimately hire our summer staff. The most important step occurs in early September as all Ozark staff who are involved in recruiting and hiring summer staff undergo intensive training in how to screen, interview and select applicants. Our training is conducted both by our senior leadership team as well as an outside company, Praesidium, one of the nation’s leading experts in the area of child safety and abuse prevention training. The safety of our campers is paramount, and our pre-recruiting training is geared specifically with this in mind.

After training, our recruiters, typically young professionals a year or two removed from college, spend the next several months traveling to various schools and universities where they spend up to a week at a time. During their time on campus, our staff uses a vast variety of resources to seek out the very best applicants. They are able to identify and recruit leaders from various campus groups and organizations, social clubs, athletic organizations, Christian and church groups, references from previous Camp Ozark staff…all of these avenues are used to generate interest and seek out applicants.

There is no shortage of awesome things to do here either, but we believe what truly makes camp fun for our staff are the unbelievable relationships they develop over the course of each session with campers. Our staff have the most fun and are most fulfilled by the relationships created by doing these amazing activities with kids in an upbeat, Christian environment alongside other staff members. As a Ozark staff member, you will meet amazing people and create incredible relationships.


Once an individual has expressed interest in working at Camp Ozark, an interview takes place. Over the course of 8 months, our recruiting staff conducts almost 2,500 interviews, ultimately selecting around 750 folks to join the Camp Ozark summer staff. Almost all applicants are interviewed face-to-face, though Skype interviews are an option for those applicants who fall outside our normal recruiting area.

However, once an applicant is accepted and offered a position, several additional steps still remain. Personal and professional references, as well as full applications, are required and are reviewed by multiple Camp Ozark staff. Background checks are conducted using professional services. These processes all take place with our recruiting training in mind and are designed to ensure that any person who joins Camp Ozark as a member of the summer staff meets our many and rigorous standards.


Our staff aren’t perfect. They’re college kids and sometimes make mistakes. However, we feel strongly that, year in and year out, our summer staff is comprised of the very best college-aged young people this country has to offer. We are rigorous in our selection process, constantly seek energetic and passionate people who will thrive in the Camp Ozark culture of safety and excellence, and remain keenly aware of the important role our summer staff play in shaping the experience of our campers. Though it is an enormous amount of work, putting together the Camp Ozark summer staff is perhaps the most important thing we do, and is a huge part of why Camp Ozark remains incomparable year after year!

You may find yourself road tripping from Austin to Auburn, from Nashville to Boulder or maybe even head overseas to Europe … JUST to hangout with your Ozark friends.

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