Since the beginning, Camp Ozark has been an “electronics-free” summer camp. Why? There are several reasons that we will explain below. However, we aren’t completely untethered from you, the parent. Over several years we have added technology based initiatives to allow you to follow along with your camper’s experience unlike ever before – all while maintaining our “unplugged”, wholesome, and real summer camp environment.


Many studies and informed opinions point to the potential harmful effects of too much screen time and social media consumption. As parents, we tend to recognize this intuitively, but we also recognize that digital devices, social media, and electronic immersion are here to stay. How do we find the balance?

One way, we believe, is to find opportunities for kids to unplug, to experience life away from their devices and social media. Camp Ozark provides a wonderful environment for this to occur. We provide non-electronic fun and experiences on a grand scale. We challenge kids to notice and explore the physical world around them, to try new adventures, and to make new friends. We believe the opportunity to be electronics-free, even if just for a week or two, benefits our campers in many ways the carry over to the rest of the year.


While social media has been a wonderful development for allowing people to connect, strengthen, and maintain friendships, it has come with a downside. Some studies have shown that young people who primarily maintain their friendships online may lag their peers in empathy, understanding of their friend’s emotions, and sensitivity towards others. At Camp Ozark, we believe our emphasis on developing genuine, face-to-face friendships helps kids develop the skills necessary for forming meaningful, long-lasting friendships that are based on true, interpersonal interaction.


At Camp Ozark, we believe it is beneficial for our campers to be present in the “here and now,” and to learn to notice all the great things going on around them. Without the distraction of their screens, we believe our campers have greater opportunities to appreciate the beauty Camp Ozark’s natural environment, to meet new people, to try new things, and to fully experience all the great things Camp Ozark has to offer.


As things evolved in tech world, we have been adding more and more useful technology to allow Camp families to follow along with the Ozark experience like never before. Ozark Photo Magic was introduced to allow you to get photo updates of your child in record time. We achieve this with our proprietary photo system that helps make the photo experience truly Incomparable for our families and their guests. All of this is available to you through your My Ozark Dashboard and the Camp Ozark Go app, which is home to the many options you have of connecting with your camper. Why do this? We want to constantly seek a balance between providing thousands of high quality photos for to our camp families while ensuring our campers have an uninterrupted, technology-free summer camp experience.

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