I used to be a Camp Ozark camper and CIT (way back in the day) and I always knew what a special place that it was. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but I know there was something unique that set it apart from the other camps that my friends attended. It wasn’t until I was older that I was able to pinpoint that difference. Camp Ozark is where I learned about having a relationship with Jesus. We always went to church growing up, but being at Camp Ozark really drew me deeper in my faith and planted that seed. In large part, that was the work of the counselors and staff for creating such a nurturing and FUN environment. I knew that I wanted that same experience for my own children, and for them to be surrounded by counselors and staff that could mentor and pour into them. As I have met other Camp Ozark families throughout the years, we all agree that there is no other camp that we would consider sending our kids to. It truly is incomparable.