Our oldest son, Carter, couldn’t wait to get moved to the Summit and Pines area this year. I know he thought he was super cool with the older kids. His counselors, Brady and Todd, seemed to be awesome! I can tell the 13/14 year old boys in S18 really respected them and looked up to them as role models. Carter has always had great experiences at Ozark, but this year he has just gone on and on about his cabin, counselors, and the devo conversations they had. He told us that the kids in his cabin were asking so many spiritual questions that their counselors thought it wise to bring in Patrick (“the spiritual advisor” is what Carter told us they all called him) to chat with them. While we as parents like to be the loudest spiritual voices our kids hear, we are so grateful to these counselors and to Patrick for going above and beyond their duty to pour into these boys lives and speak spiritual truths. This is truly what made Ozark Incomparable to us this year!