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Ali & Ben Monk

Ben, who grew up and still resides in Dallas, TX, has spent at least a portion of each summer at Camp Ozark since 2001. A seven-year camper, Ben went on to serve as a counselor for three summers. After graduating from UVA in 2012 with a degree in Finance & Marketing, Ben accepted a position with Ozone Ministries in Houston. During this time, Ben worked with hundreds of middle and high school students, eventually transitioning to a new role as a Camp Ozark Assistant Director. In 2018, Ben stepped away from Camp Ozark to work for a variety of successful business ventures, but still found time to sneak away to Arkansas for parts of his summers. Ben returned to Camp Ozark in 2022, now as an Associate Director of Operations. Known for his high energy, back flips, and sense of humor, Ben has an “out front” personality and is a favorite of campers of all ages.

Originally from Austin, TX, Ali first came to Camp Ozark while a senior at The University of Texas. That first summer, Ali fell in love with the mission of Camp Ozark and the campers it impacts. After graduating from UT with a degree in Communications, Ali joined Ozone Ministries in Houston. After serving in this role for 2 years, Ali became the Ozone National Director in 2012. In 2018, she took the role as the Executive Director of the Camp Ozark Foundation, overseeing Ozark for All, Ozone Ministries, and the Ozark Leadership Institute. In 2022, Ali transitioned to her current position of Associate Director of Operations. A true servant leader and gifted speaker, Ali cares deeply about campers experiencing the love of Christ and has been a valued mentor to countless campers and female staff.

Ben and Ali met as Ozark counselors during Summer 2009. Though it may have taken a bit of time for them to end up together, they began dating in 2014 and were married in 2016. Living and working out of the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, Ben and Ali are parents to two beautiful sisters, Hayden & Eleanor. Ben and Ali are very excited for their girls to grow up as a part of the Ozark family and to experience the life-long impact of Camp Ozark.

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