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There are lots of ways to stay connected with your camper, but here’s what I know for sure: campers love mail! It may seem small, but there is something about receiving a letter or package that makes you feel special. Camp Ozark has worked hard to create innovative ways to keep up with your camper. Check out this blog for more info on how to use the Camp Ozark Go App for updates, Photo Magic, and Digital Postcards.

In my opinion, the Parent to Camper Email System is the best, most convenient way to ensure your camper gets mail daily. It is a one-way system, so campers won’t be emailing you back, but it’s a great for a quick check in—a little encouragement to try something new and reassurance that all is well at home. You can get more details and how to set up email at this link to the store. Your emails will be printed and delivered to their cabin mailbox. They pick up mail every day after lunch. Seriously, so easy!

*Mom tip: Some parents will include a joke of the day or a funny poem. How cute!

Another super convenient way to let your camper know you’re thinking of them is to send them a Care Package from the Camp Store.  Just look at all these package options! What fun! Camp has thought of everything from younger boys (camo face paint & magic kits) to oldest girls (sleep masks & knotted headbands). These packages can be ordered today and delivered to your camper’s cabin during their session.

*Mom tip: if you order a Red or Blue Team Package for your first-year camper, you can choose “first year” and the Store will deliver the right color—what a great surprise!   

Snail Mail is always an option. Mail and packages from home will be picked up after lunch just like printed emails. When my kids were little, I would send things like activity books, games, cards, markers, and accessories for the Special Events. (There is a list of things not to bring on the camp website, like food, candy, gum, water balloons, glow sticks, silly string, fireworks, etc.)

If you want to send mail, use the address below. If you send the letter or package before their session, it’s ok to leave off the cabin number.

*Mom tip: I always sent this address to grandparents and asked them to get cards in the mail a few days before their session—perfect for grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.!

Camp Ozark
Attn: (Camper Name)
Session (number or letter), (Cabin # if known)
155 Camp Ozark Dr.
Mount Ida, AR 71957

Check this blog out for details about the Digital Post Card you will receive from your camper and their counselor and how to set up Photo Magic. Getting an app notification with a postcard or photo of your camper is the best!


Closing Day

Closing Day is a great day for families to experience camp. If you can’t make it to camp, that is totally okay!

Spotting Your Camper

Okay, parents…let’s be honest. When your kids are at camp, you miss them more than they miss you—for the most part!


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