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Taking the Bus/Plane to Camp

Some parents express feeling a little guilty or anxious when they cannot drop their camper(s) off themselves.  Have no fear! Sending your camper on the bus or plane, even at the young age of 7, is going to be a great experience! Each bus is staffed with our fun Camp Ozark Top Staff, who are trained to maintain a fun, supervised environment.

Upon arrival, our staff is ready to greet them with a roaring Victory Line! Then Counselors gather their campers and take them to the cabin to check it out, meet their new friends, pick a bunk, and show them around. When your camper’s luggage is delivered, counselors will assist in making beds and setting up their bedside shelves. It’s a fun cabin experience getting their new living space ready. If campers have forgotten any necessary items at home, the counselors will make a plan with the Camp Mom Team to replace what’s missing.

It can be scary to send your young camper off on a big adventure, but from the time they step foot, on that bus, they are in for the experience of a lifetime! Rest assured that your camper is in good hands!


Closing Day

Closing Day is a great day for families to experience camp. If you can’t make it to camp, that is totally okay!

Spotting Your Camper

Okay, parents…let’s be honest. When your kids are at camp, you miss them more than they miss you—for the most part!

Your Camper’s Dashboard

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to complete your camper’s myOzark dashboard! Grab your catalog and read below for some helpful hints!

Camp Ozark Store

Everyone asks me, “Why is there a store? Didn’t I pack everything they need?” And I tell them, “You did! Really! Don’t worry!”


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