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Safety is the cornerstone of everything that happens at Incomparable Camp Ozark. Camp’s safety standards are meticulously designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the American Camp Association and the Camp Ozark leadership team takes them very seriously.

Your child’s safety is the number one priority while he or she attends Camp Ozark. While Camp Ozark cannot completely eliminate the possibility of a child becoming ill or being injured while at camp, the camp leadership does recognize that before the “camp experience” can be anything else to the child, camp must be a secure environment for the child to learn and grow.

Every session is staffed by a licensed physician and at least 10 registered nurses, who live in on- site in one of our 2 Health Centers.

Additionally, Camp Ozark has access to an ambulance service in nearby Mount Ida, as well as air evacuation services, if needed, in the case of an extreme emergency.


  • Camp Ozark has been accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) for 14 years in a row and has never received less than a perfect score on an accreditation visit.
  • Camp Ozark has received the ACA Award of Excellence.
  • Camp Ozark has multiple AEDs spaced throughout camp and all staff are trained in CPR/AED and first aid administration. Camp Ozark also has several locations throughout camp that store EpiPens, which all staff are trained to administer.
  • In addition to 2 on-site Health Centers, Camp Ozark is located 6 miles away from a medical clinic in Mount Ida and 42 miles from a level 2 trauma center in Hot Springs, accessible by air evacuation services


If you are sending medicine to camp for your camper, they are in good hands. Medical distribution is carried out by the medical team and is a very efficient process at Camp Ozark. There are several scheduled distribution times each day and health centers are open 24/7 for as need medications. The scheduled times are before meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and before bed. Camper medications are private, but your camper’s counselors will know who needs scheduled medicine. And if somehow your camper forgets to grab their medicine on the way to a meal, don’t worry! The nurses are already looking for them!

The Medical Team conducts preventative health checks throughout the session and is assigned throughout to roam program areas and throughout the day. When campers are out and about, a portion of the Medical team is out there with them! It is important for all campers to feel comfortable knowing they have access to medical care if needed.

So? What should your camper do if he or she isn’t feeling well? Encourage them to speak up while at camp! Talk about this in advance at home. Their counselor will take them to the Health Center and let the Medical Team take it from there. And if for any reason your camper needs to spend the night at the Health Center, rest assured knowing that it is a comfortable and caring place to be. Counselors will bring the camper’s toiletries and clothes needed, along with any extra favorite items. The Health Center is air conditioned and campers can watch movies from bed. And most importantly- get back to feeling better. The Medical Team is ready to help treat campers with extra care so they can feel better and get back to having all the camp fun!


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Closing Day is a great day for families to experience camp. If you can’t make it to camp, that is totally okay!

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