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Closing Day

Closing Day at Camp Ozark is a great day for families to experience camp, meet new friends and counselors, and enjoy the Closing Ceremony. If you can’t make it to camp, that is totally okay! Some families choose to have their campers ride home on the charter bus/plane. Both are great options and completely up to you!

One quick thing to remember when making your plans:      

Opening Day is on SUNDAY! Closing Day is on SATURDAY!

Check out some helpful hints for camper travel home below!

Private Auto

When should I arrive in Mt. Ida if picking up my camper(s) by private auto?

On the Wednesday before your session ends, you will receive detailed information about the pick-up process. You will be given an arrival window time that says something like, “No earlier than XX:XX and no later than XX:XX.” Ozark provides these arrival windows to improve the experience for everyone, so shoot to arrive in that window if you can!

If you are traveling from far away, consider staying the night somewhere closer to camp to make your travels more enjoyable. Click here for suggested accommodations in the area.

What happens when we arrive?

You will be directed to park in a parking lot across the street from Camp Ozark – the “Satellite Lot”. Next, you will be greeted by camp staff, who will assist loading your car with your camper(s) luggage. Yes! It will all be there waiting for you.

Once your car is loaded, then you will board a shuttle bus that will take you into camp.

If you The bus will drop you in your camper’s cabin area and you can head straight to see your kiddos! After all the great hugs you’ll get, you can meet the cabinmates and counselors, walk around camp and visit the store. If you cannot stay, then you may ride the bus into camp, pick up your camper and catch the next bus heading back to the Satellite Lot and be on your way!

Once all the parents get the chance to connect with their campers, parents will be called to the Closing Ceremony and campers will be called back to their cabins. They will arrive soon and sit together one last time. After the Closing Ceremony ends, then you and your camper(s) will board the bus,  head back to the Satellite Lot,  and start planning for next year, just in time for your camper(s) to take a nap on the way home.

Which method of pick-up is best? That is your decision. You know your camper best. It often changes from year to year due to family circumstances.

Charter Bus

When do the kids board the bus?

Just after the Closing Ceremony. On the Wednesday before your session ends, you will receive detailed travel information regarding your camper’s departure. This information can also be found on your myOzark dashboard or on the Camp Ozark Go App.

What staff will be on the bus?

Camp Ozark provides three staff members on each bus.

Can my kids sit together on the bus?

For some routes, yes. But this is dependent on how many campers are riding the bus to your area. For routes with more campers, buses are split by gender and age.

What are the guidelines for bus travel?

For the bus ride home from camp, Camp Ozark provides water, snacks, and lunch. Campers may also purchase drinks and snacks from the Camp Store on Saturday morning before getting on the bus. There are no stops until the bus reaches the pick-up location. There is a restroom on the bus. Campers may use electronics on the bus ride home – they will receive their devices on the last day of camp.

Will we know when the bus is arriving to the pick-up location?

Absolutely! Keep an eye on the Camp Ozark Go app InfoStream on your myOzark dashboard for travel announcements specific to your camper’s route. You will know when your camper’s bus is arriving.

What if something gets left behind on the bus?

After making sure the lost item is not in your luggage, give Camp Ozark a call and travel coordination team will contact the bus company as quickly as possible to let them know.

Air Travel

What happens if my camper is flying home?

After the Closing Ceremony ends, these campers board a shuttle that will take them to the airport. Their luggage has already been loaded for them. Camp Staff will escort them through the boarding process.

What are the rules of plane travel?

Campers who fly are allowed to carry on their cell phones for convenience of communication on the journey home.

What if we are flying home from camp but cannot bring the trunk?

You are more than welcome to ship your trunk home. Just let camp know in advance and the postal team will arrange to have the trunk shipped home at your expense.


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