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Your Camper’s Dashboard

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to complete your camper’s myOzark dashboard! Grab your catalog and read below for some helpful hints!

Before we start, here’s an important piece of info: some parts of the dashboard are ready to be completed now, but others are released as the summer gets closer. When a new portion becomes available, you’ll receive an individualized link via email, so be on the lookout!


Camper Profile

Enter your camper’s basic info and emergency contacts. You can also submit cabinmate requests.

*Helpful Hint: contact your friends to make sure they request you too!


Morning Activities Selection

The MOST FUN part of registration! Get with your camper, check out all the activities here, and make a plan. Encourage your camper to try something new!

*Helpful Hint: if your camper doesn’t like the activities they have selected once they arrive at camp, there are five opportunities to change their schedule. They can even try an activity, then decide.  

Health Registration

Complete this early! Once you provide this information, the Camp Ozark Pre-Participation Physical Form will become available. Then, make an appointment with your camper’s primary care physician as soon as possible.

*Helpful Hint: make sure you use the Ozark form! Alternate forms of the physical are not accepted, like your child’s sports physical, school physical, etc. You don’t want to get behind by skipping this step.

Health Form Upload

Now that you’ve completed all the forms it’s time to send them all back to Camp Ozark! You can do this on the myOzark dashboard or on your phone via the Camp Ozark Go App.

*Helpful Hint: if you need help uploading the forms, the Camp Ozark office staff is there to help! Just give them a call at 870-867-4131 or click here to chat!

Travel Information

How is your camper coming “to camp” and going “from camp”—bus, car, or plane? Complete this section. More info below:

Option 1: Chartered Buses to and from major cities. Some campers feel like the bus ride makes the most out of camp—fun staff, yummy snacks, and extra time with camp friends!

*Helpful Hint: if your camper rides the bus, you can follow your camper along the route with travel updates via the Camp Ozark Go App.

Option 2: Private Automobile arrival is popular for first-time camp families. The hype is real on Opening Day! Families make posters, decorate their cars, and the staff make the Opening Day experience incomparable. Be sure to eat lunch prior to arrival and don’t worry about being first in line—it moves pretty quickly.

*Helpful Hint: If you are looking for accommodations near camp, click here to find the “Camp Preparation and Travel Guide” for a lodging list.

Option 3: Little Rock Airport pick-up is available the morning of Opening Day Sunday. The chartered bus leaves for camp from the airport about 1:00pm, so be sure to schedule flights accordingly. Your camper will be met at the airport by Camp Ozark staff members.

*Helpful Hint: plastic trunks are recommended for flights.

Option 4: Mt. Ida Airport arrivals and departures are from Bearce Airport for private/small aircrafts. Submit your tail number and Camp Ozark staff will meet your family to transport you to camp, just 12 miles away.

*Helpful Hint: confirm your plane size with Bearce Airport and let Ozark know if your plane is delayed.

Agreements & Code of Conduct

Read and complete all the Camp Ozark Agreements. Be sure to review the Camp Ozark Code of Conduct with your camper. There’s important stuff in there!

*Helpful Hint: make sure all primary guardians sign each agreement.

Fee Summary

The Fee Summary must be completed by March 1st.

*Helpful Hint: after you pay the tuition fees by March 1st, you can go back into the fee summary later to add money into the store account, travel fees, etc.

Set up Photo Magic

Check out this blog post about what is the magic in Photo Magic! Simply upload a photo of your camper to your myOzark dashboard or the Camp Ozark Go App.

*Helpful Hint: make sure you choose a photo with a clear image of your camper’s face.

Enroll for next summer!

*Helpful Hint: waitlists are common for all sessions. Get ahead by signing up ASAP. 

The Camp Ozark Store

Get your camper ready by checking out the Incomparable Camp Ozark merch, packing assistance, and care packages. You can even have these items delivered right to your camper’s cabin during camp! Check out the Store FAQs here.

*Helpful Hint: if you are purchasing Team Gear (red or blue???) you can select the item and size then select “first year” from the drop-down menu. The amazing Camp Ozark Store staff will pull the item and deliver the right team color to your camper at camp!

Still have questions about your myOzark dashboard? Call 870-867-4131, email, or chat with Camp Ozark Staff. They are happy to help!


Closing Day

Closing Day is a great day for families to experience camp. If you can’t make it to camp, that is totally okay!

Spotting Your Camper

Okay, parents…let’s be honest. When your kids are at camp, you miss them more than they miss you—for the most part!


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