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My boys love the food at Camp Ozark! They are constantly arguing about which meal is their favorite. Pepperoni Stromboli, Monster Chicken Nachos, Build-A-Mountain, the baked potato bar –  all always mentioned as top picks. Camp Ozark does a great job of providing lots of options, even for picky eaters!

Here’s the low down on the food:

Camp Ozark has two dining halls—one for Main Camp and one for the Summit. The Main dining hall for younger campers is super fun and lively with cabin cheers—“we’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?!” And the Summit dining hall for older campers is rocking with energetic music featuring Ozark favs. Both have a Main Food Line, an Express Eats Line, and a Market Fresh Line.

The Main Hot Food Line is what most campers will choose for most meals. It has the traditional main entrée, a couple of side choices, and a dessert. Many of these selections are made from scratch that same day. Camp Ozark does a great job of keeping nutrition in mind while giving food options kids actually like (which sometimes seems impossible, I know…)

The Express Eats Line is for campers who want to grab a little something extra or who may not like the main line entrée option at a specific meal. Typically, the Express Eats line offers one extra entrée item that can be added to the Main Line or the Market Fresh Line. Often, these are things like a hot sandwich, corndog, hamburger, or wrap. This extra option helps my own teen boys feel full!

The Market Fresh Line is available at every meal and looks different every meal. At breakfast, this line has options like oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, etc. For lunch and dinner, the Market Fresh Line can turn into a salad bar, pasta bar, potato bar, wraps, taco bar – lots of variety. My middle son is obsessed with the taco bar and the potato soup!

At every meal, campers can also make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or grab some fresh fruit.

And if your campers gets hungry between meals (which seems impossible with all those options), the Camp Ozark Store is open every day at Chill Out (mid-morning), at Mish Mash (afternoon free time), and during some evening Special Events. The camp store offers traditional snack foods, soft serve ice cream, and drinks. Campers can also choose from a healthy food section typically stocked with sting cheese, turkey wraps, hummus, guacamole, yogurt and more!

Camp Ozark has managed to do what might seem impossible—serve a well-balanced, kid-friendly menu featuring “scratch-cooking” at every meal. Wow!

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